About Silver And Gold Solutions

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an easy accessible way to learn about the power of precious metals and to find out what their options were.

This site was designed to help us grow as a team and to give step-by-step guidance and tips to help you get the most from your membership.

We wanted to provide a way for team members to find additional information about team events, training, coin drops, and additional insight to current precious metals collecting and marketing trends.


About The Founder

In December of 2020 I was introduced to a company, 7K, that made an immediate impact on my life.

As an entrepreneur and business owner, the opportunity to save in the form of precious metals and start building wealth for my family, was an easy decision to make.

The ability to purchase silver or gold on a monthly basis, and handle all the transactions just like a mini personal 401K (in the form of silver and gold) was a welcome sight for me and my family.

Not being aware that a company like 7k even existed, made me realize there were many others, just like me, out there.

So I decided to start sharing this opportunity with friends, family and other entrepreneurs and business owners. Most have welcomed the information, and like me were not aware something like 7k existed.

Even now I share the information through my Worksmarter4u marketing consultant business as another option for others to share with their employees, family and friends.

I was blessed with having the opportunity to become a member, and grateful to be able to share it with others. Even if someone doesn't take advantage of the opportunity, I know that by them having the information, it will make them have a better understanding of precious metals and it's long term value.

As always I wish everyone my best for success and happiness in business and in life. Feel free to reach out at any time with any questions

~ Rick

Founder of silverandgoldsolutions.org