How To Start Saving In Silver And Gold - Step By Step Videos

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Our in-depth step by step videos section is coming together nicely. The Introductory Wealth Strategies, Who We Recommended and How To Share videos will give you an abundance of information on just how important saving in precious metals is. We Highly Encourage you to watch those 3 videos first.

Our 'How To Get Started Today' section guides you through the exact process you need to create your membership and give you the opportunity to save in Gold and Silver, Build Wealth and Share This Great Opportunity with others.

Please be aware that membership is only available in the below 8 countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, and Mexico.

If you were referred to Silver And Gold Solutions by another member of our team, please be sure to reach out to them or contact us here so that you create your membership under the appropriate team members 'Referral Username'.

If you have not been referred you can

create your membership here.

Welcome Video - Please Watch

How to save in silver and gold and purchase precious metals at dealer direct pricing.

To find out more information or Get Started today visit the 7 k website home page right here.

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I wanted to stress again the importance of getting back to the member that referred you to Silver And Gold Solutions and asking them for their referral link.

Growing together as a
team we can work together to help each member qualify faster and build something amazing for their future.

'Paying it forward' is what the passive

income compensation method was designed to do.

Save - Share - Earn

If this is your first visit to our site, and no one has referred you to 7k ~ you can create your membership here.

How To Get Started Today

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Watching These 3 Videos

Prior To Creating Your Membership


Video shares the importance of Understanding the Value of Precious Metals.

Silver Coin-Gol

Video shares our recommended source for saving in gold and silver.

How to get paid for sharing 7k-stack of gold

Video Shares how to earn passively just by paying it forward and sharing a great opportunity. Not only is saving in precious metals educational and fun, but it can help you create a better lifestyle.

Let's Get Started - Step by Step

How to create a 7k membership-save-share-earn-step

Step One:

How To Create A 7k Membership

Step by step guided video shows exactly how to create a membership with 7k.

Please be sure to reach out to the member who referred you here. If not you can start here.

What to do next after you create your 7k membership-silver-and-gold-solutions-videos

Step Two:

What To Do Next After You Create Your 7k Membership

Video Shares what steps to take to be a part of the team and how we can create success together working as a team!

How to find and use your 7k holding

How To Find And Use Your 7k Holding Tank

Video shares how to locate and utilize your holding tank for members you refer to 7k.

How to access your training in the 7k back office-silver and gold

How To Access Your Training In The Back Office

Video shares where you can find the valuable training shared by 7k in your back office. This valuable training will increase your knowledge of gold and silver as well as assist you in sharing this incredible opportunity with others.

What to do when a new member enrolls under your 7k affiliate

What To Do When A New Member Enrolls Under Your 7k Affiliate Link

Video shares step by step how to position new enrollees from your holding tank into your downline.

How to Earn Passively By Sharing 7k In-Depth

How To Earn Passively By Sharing 7k

In-Depth Explanation

Video shares the 7k Share plan on how to qualify to earn passively just by sharing this great opportunity.

How 7k Metals Cycles Points In Your Back

How 7k Metals Cycles Points in Your Back Office

Video shares how points in your 7k back office are cycled out and how you get paid once you have ranked as an associate or above.

How To Transfer Money From Your Sound Money Wallet.

Video shares step by step how to transfer money in your sound money wallet to your bank account. You will need to have the Google Authenticator App installed on your phone. To Complete the transaction.

How To Set Up Your

7k Autosaver Shipment

Video shares how to set up your 7k Autosaver Shipment as well as how to utilize the bundle shipment feature.

How to access your training in the 7k back office-silver and gold

How To Sell A Graded Coin on Stack & Sell

Video shares how to create a free account on Stack & Sell and how to track your graded coin collection as well as sell on a trusted marketing platform.

How To Use Your Sound Money Wallet

Video shares how to convert cash to silver or gold bullion from your back office.

How to access your training in the 7k back office-silver and gold

More How To Videos Coming Soon

More Videos coming soon